What’s Up!

Well, it’s been an interesting time – I’ve left my regular London contract, and am NOT missing the commute.  A couple of weddings coming up, and in autumn, the musical theatre rehearsal season kicks off in earnest, with Oliver! and Nine To Five.  Oboe wise, I’ve played at the Saffron […]

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New compositions and recordings

Well, it’s taken some time, but I’ve just recorded two more lounge jazz tracks, future gigs for the use of.  And, just to show I can do it, a ‘proper’ piece as well, dedicated to my oboe teacher, John White, and called Fantasie.  The two jazz tracks are “Tea and […]

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New Gail Ford Social Media Links

Marta Fergusson of Artists First Society has kindly set up some new social media accounts for Gail Ford fans: there are now Gail Ford accounts on Soundcloud, Reverbnation, Youtube and Twitter as well as the original Facebook pages, and you can link to Gail on LinkedIn.

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Silent Movie at Saffron Screen

This year’s silent movie for the festive season at Saffron Screen was Harold Lloyd in ‘Speedy’,  with two screenings on New Year’s Day. Harold’s  title character,trying to win the love of his fair lady, and to save her grandfather’s business – the last horse drawn tram in the City – from […]

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