What’s Up!

Well, it’s been an interesting time – I’ve left my regular London contract, and am NOT missing the commute.  A couple of weddings coming up, and in autumn, the musical theatre rehearsal season kicks off in earnest, with Oliver! and Nine To Five.  Oboe wise, I’ve played at the Saffron Walden Fete de la musique (where I also played on keyboard for the Saffron Dance Band, and The Nightingale Trio of Saffron Walden, so I was kept extremely busy that day!).  Putting more horn & piano, oboe & piano, brass, and chamber music arrangements (a) and some own compositions on my composer/arranger page with Sheet Music Plus ( go on, have a look – no side effects, no calories, and you’ll find some brilliant tunes in new arrangements!).  I’m still looking for a regular, reading, and preferably locally based piano/keys partner, to start my jazz oboe group project with though – so if you see one wandering about, give ’em a nudge this way!  And, much to my joy, been booked to play a silent movie in October.  It’s all happening!