Oboes aren’t usually seen as the go to jazz solo instrument of choice – but Gail is flying the flag for it as an ideal sound for cool, retro, and West Coast jazz.  To which end, she composes, arranges and regularly sneaks up on unsuspecting open mic & jam nights, to present her style of jazz – to so far extremely appreciative audiences!.

Jazz Oboe Rules!!

She is especially interested in using the oboe in jazz & Latin-American music, and will be performing in her TENTH year in the Summer Music Season at St John’s Stratford, East London, with a programme of jazz arrangements and original compositions, and and continues to play at festivals, open mic nights and jam sessions.  

She is available for functions, pit band, session, commercial and group work.  She has a classical training, but also plays by ear, and improvises, in jazz, blues, rock & funk styles – if you need a reading musician who can also work in jazz, Latin-American, soul and other fields, she can help you. She can also record and send tracks to you via the Internet.


Valse Papillonne

Humour Me - Dean Friedman

Many thanks to Dean Friedman for his 'very kind permission' to make this arrangement, recording & to put it on the site.

Canon in D (excerpt)


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Gail provides a range of musical services, including accompaniment rehearsals, performance, auditions and functions

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